Brandi Candy

so...i'm pretty much a legend. I'm a coffee enthusiast. I buy more books than I can read. I never hesitate to use mad ninja skills on bugs while simultaneously loving the great outdoors. Zombie apocalypse planning is a common discussion in my circle of friends. I'm the adult child of a festival following, star gazing hippie. The universe both terrifies and excites me. The magical tinkling of glass crashing to the ground is my favorite adrenaline rush. Wishing on shooting stars and dandelion fluff is a way of life. I love beards. like, on men. Laughing at myself is the only way I can stay sane. Love me some dream pop. And men with tattoos. And kitten breath. Lucky charms. Fresh from the dryer clothes on my skin. Sleeps until 11am while it rains against my window. Just being. I'm the youngest I'll ever be and the oldest I've ever been. I love to talk about nothing. Its the only thing I know anything about.
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